Trustees and Management

Tauwhao Te Ngare Trust has five Trustees:

Phil Gardiner has been a Trustee since 2006 and in February 2008 was nominated as the Chairperson. 

Whetu Rolleston was appointed at our 2016 AGM.

Brendon Taingahue has been a Trustee since 2007.  He is also the Orchard Manager and lives on Rangiwaea Island.

Riann Umaga-Marshall was appointed at our 2020 AGM, she lives on Rangiwaea Island and commutes daily to town for mahi.

Mark Murray is the most resent trustee who was appointed at the 2022 AGM.  Mark lives on Rangiwaea Island with his Son who is an employee of the trust.



Advisory Kaumatua's

Hinewai Taingahue and Bobby Rolleston  have made themselves available to the Trust to act as advisory kaumatua's.  Mawete Gardiner was also an advisory kaumatua right up until her passing in 2014. 

They have a vast knowledge of the history/tikanga of Rangiwaea Island and are valuable to the Trust.


Tauwhao Te Ngare Trust has established sub-committees to deal with grants and finance and economic development and employ a number of external consultants to assist the Trustees and Management:

Financial Advisor/Accountant - Finlay Dykzeul Limited

Financial Auditor - BDO.




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